Making a Splash on the First Day of School!

15th Sep 2015

The first day of school started in the middle of a September heat wave and it’s a nice thing that our children can cool off a little or a lot.  Water is one of the best play elements and although we are constantly aware of preservation whenever possible, children need the experience of water’s amazing features.

We’ve Been Waiting for you to Come to This Place!

18th Aug 2015

Start of school is just around the corner and we are getting ready for the new year.   There is still room in the 2 day class held on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September 8th.  Please contact us if you would like a tour or more information at 714-846-2713.

Prehistoric Pets Visit at End of Camp

2nd Aug 2014

  Summer Camp ended with a visit from some interesting characters.  Prehistoric Pets visited with an assortment reptiles which delighted almost everyone!  I had to keep my distance from just the tarantula but the children got up close and personal with a python, skink, tortoises, and several other large beasts!  Click “Read More” for pictures.  Have a great summer and see you in September!

Bare Feet

12th Aug 2013

A barefoot child at play is one of the most iconic images of childhood.  It is also somewhat of a symbol of our school. Many parents have told me that they first wanted to check out our school based on the pictures they saw on our website of the children running around barefoot and that was true of both Jalene and I as well.   But there are many more reasons beyond that beautiful image why children should toss their shoes aside when at play. The first is sheer pleasure. It feels good to shed your shoes and feel the grass beneath your feet, or mud or sand or water.  When they leave preschool most of our children will not have a choice about shoes on or off. Bare feet are needed for improved balance and flexibility.  Shoes keep children from feeling the ground beneath their feet and may cause stumbles or […]